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5 Reasons Why Parents Should Encourage Their Kids to Learn Coding

Gone are the days when we think that coding is only for the elders. Smart kids nowadays enjoy coding as a fun activity. Apart from the fun part, coding for kids comes up with numerous benefits as well. It plays an important role to boost logical thinking, creativity, and concentration level. 

Most schools and educational institutes have already identified the benefits of Coding for kids and they are channelizing the curriculum to match the new-age demand. They are well aware of the fact that technology has to overlap our life and in the coming days tech-savvy employees will be in demand for all types of professions. 

So, without wasting time, let us focus on the benefits of coding for kids!

1. Logical Thinking:

Kids who are learning to code can establish a relation between the cause and consequences. It may be surprising that many adults struggle to find out the connection while the kids can find out the key components that help in logical thinking. They learn to break the whole concept into small bits and find out how these parts are related to each other.

2. Creativity:

Coding is a creative process where the kids start with nothing but a concept and finish with something that can be termed a product or service. The coding concept helps them to find out the solution for any sort of unfamiliar task. In this virtual world, the kids can utilize their infinite imagination. The knowledge of coding nurtures young minds to become the creative thinkers of tomorrow. 

3. Problem-Solving Skills:

Coding is a process to create a solution for any particular problem. It trains the kids to fix any problem quickly. Moreover, it encourages us to find out different ways to get the solution. This problem-solving skill helps the kids in different segments in their future path of life. 

4. Patience and Concentration:

Patience is a key learning aspect in coding that brings out highly practical motivation in later life. It teaches them not to give up easily. They have to focus on the problem with full concentration and try continuously until they successfully develop the code. These persistent trial and error efforts develop resilience and patience among the children. 

5. Making Math Fun:

Coding helps the kids to have a better and clear idea about math skills. It makes learning fun and easy to understand. When they learn the ways to incorporate math concepts into coding, they acquire new skills and mathematical thinking abilities along with wider applicability.

Coding is made up of different degrees of complicity. To make kids as young as seven years old interested in the coding system, you need to select the right program as well as a learning approach. CODEAN is an excellent platform for kids to learn coding as it comes with an age-specific curriculum that has been curated by industry experts with years of experience.                                                          

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