Pisarv Technologies is a result of entrepreneurial instincts backed by technological minds. At Pisarv we thrive to stay from mundane and focus on innovation to harvest products that are simply awesome.

Pisarv Technologies vision and mission is to use the most advanced, cutting technology to invent products that are simply awesome. We strive to stand out as one of the most inspiring EdTech Product Companies In India.

Technology In Touch With Reality. This is exactly what we thought before working on our product focused on augmented reality in classroom education. As and EdTech product company, we closely evaluate the challenges in school education and research thoroughly to make learning fun for kids with technology-based learning solutions. Our passion towards educational products for schools are meant to bridge the gap between kids and teachers. We ensure that technology makes education simpler, easier to comprehend and unique enough to have a lost lasting impact on students.


We live in 3D why not think and learn in 3D!

Pisarv Technologies brings to you the most relevant and realistic 3D visualizations tool that is backed by Augmented Reality and Machine Learning technologies.

The Next Generation of Classroom Learning!!

Willing to change the education paradigm but wondering where to start? We have all the answers and can make the process easy for you. We need to use more technology. We need to engage students. We need to focus on higher-order thinking. Here is the reality - SARAL. Being innovative is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice.

Albert Einstein, the greatest mind of the 20th century had a magical talent, he could take a hard physical problem and boil it down to powerful visual images which he called thought experiments and out of these thought experiments came the greatest discoveries that are still shaping our world.

SARAL is the only classroom learning tool that fosters the imagination and curiosity in the tiny little minds and enables them to explore the animal world, sea world, the jungle, their community and many other things within the confines of the classroom just like they witness in the real world. SARAL brings the real world into the classroom"

SARAL is a unique patent applied product that enables participative and interactive learning in a classroom. SARAL enables 3D visualizations and connects easily with LED/LCD Televisions, LED/LCD Monitors, Projectors, Smart Boards etc.

Patent application number: 202021042239

SARAL comes with features

  • 3D Visualization
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D AR View
  • Advance Phonics
  • 3D Touchdraw
  • Video Recording
  • SARAL Eye-Test

And many more functionalities to come

PDS - Physical distancing system

PDS a system developed to minimise the spread of Covid-19 to ensuring social distancing

Pisarv distancing system is developed to minimise the spread of Covid-19. As it is known that Covid-19 gets spread from physical contact. By keeping an optimal distance of 1 metre or more than that helps contain the spread of Covid-19.

The guidelines are there to keep social distancing but as we have seen at many places that it difficult t maintain in places like Shopping malls, Railway stations, Ticket counters, schools, colleges, factories, government offices and many more.

So with PDS, We can make sure that social distancing is maintained.


Hi, Looking at me?
I am Mokato, Your companion.
I am coming soon !!


CoDeAn supports the following: Visual Programming, C, C++ and Python. We provide a complete Graded curriculum which caters from class 1 to class 12 ensuring complete engagement. To simplify things, we provide the program inside the device and all the teacher needs is to open and teach without any hassle.

CoDeAn help the kids to become -


Knowledge Seekers

The success of each creative computing activity makes them curious to undertake more activities and acquire knowledge.

Creative Experimenters

Makes them more creative with success of each creative computing activity

Analytical Thinkers

Makes them to think outside the box with each creative computing activity.

Design Thinkers

Makes them more imaginative as they progress through various creative computing activities.

Problem Solvers

Enhances the much needed problem solving skills through various creative computing activities.


Clients include Indore Airport, Leading preschools, and schools of India. In more than 200 schools in India and Nepal. More than 15000 students are learning with SARAL

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