Make students think, innovate, and solve problems through learning

CoDeAn is a computing platform made specifically for kids by Pisarv Technologies. The creative computing platform encourages students to participate in more activities and become more inquisitive about learning more knowledge and acquiring new skills.

It is the only offline classroom learning solution that is tailor-made to incite the creative juices in a child’s mind and bring the best out of them.

CoDeAn is simple, interactive and easy to use; we provide the program inside the devices so that the teachers can just open and start teaching. CoDeAn is just perfectly thought to meet the requirement of offline coding for schools. This broadly supports- Visual Programming, C, C++ and Python. Our complete coding graded curriculum caters the need for every class starting from 1 to 12th. We assure better engagement and learning with this logical programming tool for kids.

CoDeAn - A Classroom Learning Platform

The classroom learning platform has a host of computing activities to make students analyze and encourage them to think out of the box. Imagination is the root of any invention and computing activities on CoDeAn make children imagine things beyond boundaries and normal.

Multiple creative computing activities on CoDeAn help budding students develop problem-solving skills by thinking out-of-the-box through innovation and imagination.


Knowledge Seekers

Here, the success of each creative computing activity makes kids curious to undertake more activities and acquire knowledge.

Creative Experimenters

Makes them more creative with engaging computing activities.

Analytical Thinkers

Letting kids think outside the box with each creative computing activity makes them think better.

Design Thinkers

Empowering imagination as they progress through various sets of activities.

Problem Solvers

Enriched problem solving skills with simple yet interesting computing activities.

Pisarv is a pioneer in offering eLearning and virtual learning solutions and understands the unique learning needs of students. We have developed state-of-the-art learning solutions for budding students including Saral, PDS, and Mokato to enable engaging and intuitive learning solutions for students.

Schools all over India are leveraging our learning solutions to educate students and attract more parents to introduce their wards towards engaging learning solutions. If you are looking for Offline Coding products for Schools, we are there to help you.

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