Crafting EdTech Reality Products For Classroom Education!

Pisarv Technologies aims to revolutionize the classroom learning experience for kids across India, through advanced technologies including AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We have a world-class patent-applied product SARAL (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning).

It takes the classroom learning experience to a different level altogether. SARAL is successfully installed in over 150 schools across 2 countries (India and Nepal) and 23 cities impacting over 20000 early education learners in India.

Patent application number: 202021042239

Our Augmented Reality classroom education tool helps teachers to guide students through simple 3D visualization learning methodology with an innovative approach.

Time to explore the magic of AI and Augmented Reality driven education for kids ! Everything that kids visualize through this product looks realistic and converts learning mechanisms into storytelling which creates a long lasting impact on every kid. We believe that the introduction of augmented reality in early childhood education has certainly revolutionized the system and teaching mechanism.

The Next gen classroom learning is focused on innovative, interactive and realistics classroom education systems. Over the past few years SARAL-enabled classrooms have attracted schools and parents across India, showcasing the technology footprint and how we are delivering this unique blend of intuitive learning experience to kids.

This undoubtedly, one the best Augmented Reality for the Classroom products which ensures innovation and attractive features to enhance classroom learning.

SARAL Enabled Classrooms


At Pisarv we thrive to stay from the mundane and focus on innovation to harvest ED Tech products that are simply awesome


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