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Technology In Touch
With Reality
Technology In
Touch With Reality
3D Visualisation | Coding | Robotics | Drones
3D Visualisation | Coding | Robotics | Drones

Pisarv Technologies: Pioneers in Technology

Pisarv Technologies is at the forefront of innovation, transforming industries with drones and empowering education. Our versatile Nabh Rakshak drone tackles challenges in agriculture, defense, and more. Meanwhile, Saral, our AI-powered 3D learning platform, and Codean, our comprehensive coding curriculum, ignite young minds across India. We fuel progress in the skies and classrooms, inspiring a brighter future.

Our Products

Drone Nabh Rakshak

This versatile drone goes beyond security, offering solutions across sectors. From forest guardian to lifesaver, NabhRakshak tackles various tasks:

  • Law Enforcement: Aiding MP police in maintaining law and order.
  • Forestry & Environment: Detecting illegal logging and wildfires.
  • Public Safety: Assisting Goa administration in coastal surveillance for faster rescuing of drowing people.
  • Defense: Strengthening national security with advanced surveillance.
  • Infrastructure: Facilitating gas pipeline inspections and leak detection.
  • Mining: Ensuring safety and compliance through aerial monitoring.

Lightweight, portable, and boasting a high-definition camera, NabhRakshak offers extensive coverage, rapid response, and real-time monitoring. This Made-in-India innovation prioritizes safety and affordability, making it a valuable tool for diverse applications.

Maximum Speed: 112 km/h
Weight: 1.2 kg
HD Camera: 1080p
Flight Height: 600 feet
Range: 10 km
Flight Time: 20 minutes

Drone Nabhrakshak


Unleash the Magic of 3D Learning with Saral

Pisarv Technologies brings classrooms to life with Saral, our patent-pending edtech solution. This revolutionary platform integrates 3D learning, AR (Augmented Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create a captivating and interactive experience. Teachers guide students through engaging 3D visualizations, while AR and AI personalize learning and make it unforgettable. Complex concepts become clear and engaging, transforming education into an immersive story.

Patent application number: 202021042239

3D Visualisation

immersive way to make learning interesting

3D Animation

Animation that creates impact

3D AR View

Bringing real and virtual world together

3D Models

250+ models to submerge with the reality

Video Recording

Record and play whenever you want

Advance Phonics

An innovative way of phonics

Saral Eye-Test

World's first classroom eye diagnosis feature

Live Student's Photo Worksheets

Synced Curriculum

compendium with can sync with any curriculum


Codean: Making Coding Fun & Accessible

Does your school lack resources for practical coding education? Codean is the answer! Based on Pisarv Technologies’ research, 80% of schools struggle with this.

This holistic platform empowers K-12 coding education with features like:

  • Offline learning: No internet needed!
  • Curriculum-based: Aligns with NEP 2020 recommendations.
  • Engaging activities: Over 350 exercises in visual programming, C/C++, Python, AI/ML, IoT, and Robotics.
  • Problem-solving focus: Develops critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Teacher-friendly: Easy setup and training (become an expert in 1 day!).

Codean ignites a passion for coding, one fun activity at a time!


Offline Programming

Classroom And Computer Lab Modes

Visual Programming




AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning)

Hardware Programming

Graded Curriculum From Class 1st to 12th

Technology Corner For Kids

Traveling with kids can be stressful. Make layovers a breeze with our innovative Tech Corner for Kids!

Take off on a learning adventure at the airport! Pisarv Technologies’ Tech Corner keeps young flyers entertained and engaged. Explore the wonders of robotics with EMO, and embark on an amazing AR journey with Saral. Interact with life-size creatures, like tigers, and learn fascinating facts through immersive 3D experiences. More than just animals, Saral offers a variety of educational models to spark curiosity and ignite a love of learning. Technology Corner for kids is established at Varanasi Airport in Uttar Pradesh.

Let Pisarv Technologies turn airport wait times into moments of discovery!


Introducing Kawach, Pisarv Technologies’ innovative helmet-activated safety system. This revolutionary device prevents two-wheeler startup unless a helmet is worn.

Over 100 lives are tragically lost in India daily due to unheeded helmet laws. Kawach offers a simple yet powerful solution, promoting safety and saving lives.

Compatible with all bikes, Kawach empowers riders to take control.

Join us in advocating for wider adoption. Together, let’s make every ride safer.

Our CSR Initiative

Developed by Pisarv Technologies, the PDS system safeguards public spaces. Installed at Indore Airport in 2021, PDS detects when people are closer than 3 meters and triggers a “Keep Distance – Stay Safe” alert, promoting physical distancing during the pandemic.

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