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We bring to you the most relevant and realistic 3D visualizations tool that is backed by Augmented Reality and Machine Learning Technologies

Bring a live Animal Experience in the Classroom with SARAL

AR Powered Realistic Classroom Learning Experience

Classroom Education Simplified with SARAL

Pisarv Technologies is a result of entrepreneurial instincts backed by technological minds. At Pisarv we thrive to stay from mundane and focus on innovation to harvest products that are simply awesome.

Pisarv Technologies vision and mission is to use the most advanced, cutting technology to invent products that are simply awesome. We strive to stand out as one of the most inspiring EdTech Product Companies In India.

Technology In Touch With Reality. This is exactly what we thought before working on our product focused on augmented reality in classroom education. As an EdTech product company, we closely evaluate the challenges in school education and research thoroughly to make learning fun for kids with technology-based learning solutions. Our passion towards educational products for schools are meant to bridge the gap between kids and teachers. We ensure that technology makes education simpler, easier to comprehend and unique enough to have a lost lasting impact on students.


Our Products


AR (Augmented Reality and AI Artificial Intelligence). 3D Learning Solutions


Codean a complete offline classroom programming tool for School, with a complete graded curriculum for class 1st to class 12th for Visual Programming, C, C++, Python, and Real-world AI/ML applications. Codean works on all lab computers with zero additional software and complete offline mode.


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Core Benefits with Pisarv

We add fun to learning

Our technology-driven EdTech products change the whole dynamics of classroom learning, make learning more simple, and interesting, and add fun to learning for kids.

transforming Classroom Education

Technological advancement is one of the most effective things that humankind has ever achieved. Pisarv EdTech solutions optimize the process of education for the schools.

Innovate learning with fun

The EdTech tools help you understand your child’s way of thinking, his progress, and learning pace so that you can provide him with the proper learning experience.

Simplifying coding for kids

Coding with CoDeAn will keep your kids engaged and help them learn visual programming in a fun way. One of the simplest logical programming tools for kids that you can get your hands on.


Clients include Indore Airport, Leading preschools, and schools of India. In more than 200 schools in India and Nepal. More than 15000 students are learning with SARAL


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At Pisarv we thrive to stay from the mundane and focus on innovation to harvest ED Tech products that are simply awesome