Drone Nabhrakshak

Elevate Your Security with Advanced Drone Solutions


Pisarv Technologies offers next-level drone surveillance for enhanced security and operational efficiency. Our drones boast high-resolution cameras, night imaging, and video analytics, providing real-time monitoring and superior situational awareness.


  • Increased Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce manpower needs and streamline operations.
  • Rapid Response: React swiftly to security threats or emergencies.
  • Remote Monitoring: Gain real-time insights from any location.
  • Enhanced Security: Deter crime and improve overall safety.

Beyond the Technology:

  • Customization: We tailor drone solutions to your specific needs.
  • Training & Support: Our comprehensive training ensures you maximize your drone’s potential.
  • Compliance Commitment: We prioritize legal and privacy considerations.

Partner with Pisarv Technologies and experience the future of security. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Nabh Rakshak: The One-Drone Solution for Every Industry

Revolutionize your operations with Nabh Rakshak, the versatile drone that tackles any task.

Unleashing Potential Across Sectors:

NabhRakshak isn’t your average drone. This multi-tasking marvel from Pisarv Technologies keeps a watchful eye across various industries:

  • Forest Guardian: NabhRakshak soars through forests, helping detect illegal logging and potential wildfires before they spread.
  • Lifesaver on Patrol: Goa Police relies on NabhRakshak for coastal surveillance. This eagle-eyed drone helps spot people in distress at sea, leading to faster rescues!
  • Defending Our Nation: NabhRakshak strengthens national security with its advanced surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.
  • Pipeline Patrol: Keeping our infrastructure safe, NabhRakshak helps identify leaks in gas pipelines, allowing for swift repairs.
  • Mining Monitor: Ensuring safety and compliance in the mining industry, NabhRakshak provides a bird’s-eye view for effective surveillance.

Experience the Difference:

Nabh Rakshak goes beyond advanced technology. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, while its versatility empowers diverse applications.

Ready to take your operations to new heights? Contact us today and discover how Nabh Rakshak can revolutionize your industry.

Surveillance Drone Nabhrakshak

  • Lightweight & Portable (1.2 kg): Effortlessly transport and deploy NabhRakshak for on-site security needs.
  • Swift Operations: Cover large areas quickly with a maximum speed of 150 km/h.
  • Extended Flight Time (Up to 45 minutes): Conduct thorough surveillance missions without frequent recharging.
  • Effective Flight Height (Up to 600 feet): Gain a comprehensive aerial view for detailed monitoring.
  • Long-Range Capability (10 km): Maintain a strong connection for uninterrupted data transmission.
  • High-Definition Camera: Capture crisp 1080p visuals for clear evidence and comprehensive analysis.
Surveillance Drone Nabhrakshak

NabhRakshak, the Made-in-India surveillance drone, goes beyond security.
It's a versatile tool for a wide range of applications:

drone guard - security surveillance

Security Surveillance

drone guard - traffic monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

drone guard - search and rescue

Search And Rescue

drone guard - environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

drone guard - disaster relief

Disaster Relief

Need dependable aerial security? Look no further than NabhRakshak


Lightweight And Portable

High-Speed Flight

Long Flight Time

High-Definition Camera

Durable Construction


Effortless Mobility

Extensive Coverage

Uncompromising Clarity

Multifaceted Applications

Features of Nabhrakshak Quadcopter For Surveillance

Made-in-India Innovation, Budget-Friendly Security

Engineered & Assembled in India: NabhRakshak is a testament to Indian ingenuity, supporting local development and offering a cost-effective solution for your security needs.

Extensive Coverage, Rapid Response

Effortless Maneuverability: NabhRakshak swiftly covers large areas, maximizing surveillance efficiency and minimizing blind spots.

Uncompromising Clarity, Day or Night

Advanced Imaging Technology: High-resolution cameras capture sharp visuals even in low-light conditions, while smoke sensors ensure visibility through challenging environments.

Real-Time Command and Control

Live Video Feed: Monitor your operations in real-time with a live video feed transmitted directly to a central command center, allowing for immediate response to any situation.

Advanced Features

NabhRakshak prioritizes safety with intelligent features. In case of communication loss or battery dipping below 20%, the drone will automatically initiate a return-to-base sequence. If returning to base isn’t feasible, it will attempt a safe landing.

Agriculture Drone

Features of Nabhrakshak Hexacopter For Agriculture

Intelligent Features

Smart Return-to-Base: In case of communication loss or low battery, NabhRakshak prioritizes safety with an automatic return-to-base function. If returning isn't possible, it attempts a safe landing.

Extensive Coverage, Reduced Waste

  • Advanced Spraying Technology: Effortlessly cover large areas quickly, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste compared to traditional methods.
  • Precision Application: NabhRakshak promotes responsible farming by ensuring optimal pesticide distribution, reducing overall usage and protecting crop life.

Cost-Effective Innovation

Engineered & Assembled in India: NabhRakshak is a testament to Indian ingenuity, offering a cost-effective agricultural solution developed and built locally.

Reliable Performance

All-Weather Durability: Built to withstand mild rain and less stormy conditions, NabhRakshak offers year-round spraying capabilities.

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