Technology Corner for Kids

technology corner for kids

Technology corner for kids is a product that Pisarv Technologies has developed for Airports where child passengers can spend their time and learn about different topics via our Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence-based product SARAL where kids can feel that the creatures like tigers are walking next to them. They can learn each and every fact of it with an immersive experience like never before. Not only creatures there are various other 3D models for fun and learning.

EMO (An re-programmable robot) is also the part of Technology Corner. With EMO kids will learn concepts of Re programmable Robotics and get familiar with it. Kids will learn how to control a robot using sound and light by using two EMOs.

technology corner for kids - saral


World’s first teaching/learning tool which creates an immersive experience like no other
EMO - technology corner for kids


A re-programmable Robot to teach students about the concepts of programming & robotics

Technology Corner For Kids @ Varanasi Airport