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EdTech Companies are Making a Difference

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With educational institutions shutting their doors due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the whole industry is undergoing a drastic transformation. In fact, with several EdTech companies being instrumental, the education sector is experiencing a revolution worldwide. The term EdTech refers to the practice of introducing IT tools in-classroom programs to ensure a personalized learning experience for students at every corner of the world.

Starting from introducing online courses, digital textbooks, online screen-sharing programs, and smartboards, several EdTech companies have helped education sectors evolve to the occasion. Here in this article, we will talk about what differences these EdTech organizations have made to safeguard the best interest of the next generation.

How Do EdTech Companies Make a Difference?

Ingress of edtech applications is changing the whole dynamics of the classroom learning program in the country. These edtech tools allow teachers to create individual learning plans and offer an exclusive learning experience to students from all age groups. 

Several national and international brands are working to their full potential to make a difference in the edtech world. For example, Pisarv Technologies has been one of the pioneers that created their world-class edtech product called SARAL (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning) with the help of advanced AI and AR technology. SARAL focuses on improving the classroom learning experience for kindergartens. Here is how Pisarv and EdTech brands are contributing significantly.

Increased Collaboration

Applications and tools with cloud access can promote collaboration in the classroom. For example, cloud-based apps offer learning access to a large pool of students who can upload their homework or actively participate in discussions with their classmates, and ofcourse exchange ideas.

Personalized Learning Experience

EdTech software aids teachers in creating personalized learning programs for each individual in the class. By using these tools, things have become much easier for educators to understand the skills, strengths, interests of particular students and help them focus effectively.
Not only that, but several features such as recordings from the previous class also help students to catch up on topics and ensure that the students go through the complete learning program.

State-of-the-art Classroom Management Tools

Interactive classroom management tools that the EdTech industry introduced have helped educators communicate better with large groups of kids. Also, 3D modeling software, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence have offered a technological edge over traditional learning proceedings.

E.g., the application SARAL from Pisarv has been installed in over 200 schools in India and Nepal that induce learning experience driven by AI and AR. With the help of the application, educators can offer 3D visualization of animals to the kids in-classroom programs. While experiencing the jungle and sea worlds through 3D animation tools, kids can visualize better and draw references to real-life organisms.


Technological advancement is one of the most effective things that humankind has ever achieved. As the education and software industry go hand in hand, how learning programs work across institutes worldwide is supposed to be changed. The EdTech industry is here to stay for a long time. With many more bright minds concentrating on optimizing the process of educating the future gen, schools and educational institutions will be more beneficial as they get introduced to affordable and efficient software applications.