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EdTech Startups: Transforming the Education System

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Education has been going through a technological transformation for years, but 2020, brought a drastic change in the use of technology for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. This in turn paved the way for EdTech companies, giving children unlimited access to learning, making communication streamlined, and offering a personalized learning environment. EdTech startups have revolutionized the education system, and what’s great is that it goes beyond K-12 classroom engagement tools. The EdTech product companies in India have seen tremendous growth in the last few years as they’ve managed to provide a more engaging and captivating learning experience for the students.

What are EdTech Companies? 

EdTech companies use modern technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (3D Visualization), and Virtual Reality to help educators streamline their work and create an interactive and immersive learning experience for students.

What is the Impact of EdTech Startups?

EdTech companies in India offer learning solutions for students of all age groups while facilitating inclusivity and promoting collaboration in the classroom. It creates a cohesive environment, allowing children the freedom to learn at their own pace. Some of the many ways in which EdTech solutions are transforming the education system are listed below:

1. Upskilling the Workforce

During the pandemic, upskilling of the workforce has become essential for most organizations. From lower-ranking employees to those in higher positions have been trained for EdTech related roles, giving a boost to their career.

2. Learning Different Arts

With technological advancement in the education sector, music, dance, painting, and fitness instructors can take classes remotely. This allows children access to their favorite kind of art 24/7.

3. Developing Personality

EdTech solutions offer a diverse learning experience to the students, giving them access to unlimited resources that will provide high education and develop their personalities. Some augmented reality for preschools such as SARAL, launched by Pisarv Technologies help foster imagination and curiosity in the minds of young children.

4. Preparing Students for Future

By including educational products for schools in the curriculum, schools can prepare the students to face bigger challenges in the future. The use of relevant and realistic technological tools can enable students to explore the world beyond their classroom. These tools will also prepare them for technology-based jobs.

With many features and benefits, EdTech companies in India are leaving a considerable impact on the education system in the country. Your school/educational institution too can gain a lot by collaborating with EdTech startups.