Pisarv Technologies: Pioneers in Educational Tech

Pisarv Technologies is a leading force in educational technology, offering innovative solutions that are transforming the way students learn. Their cutting-edge products, like the AI-driven 3D learning platform Saral and the comprehensive coding curriculum Codean, are empowering schools and students across India.

Nabh Rakshak Drone

Nabh Rakshak is a versatile drone revolutionizing industries worldwide. Its advanced technology and intuitive design make it the perfect tool for any job, from agriculture to defense.


We live in 3D – why not teach & learn in 3D? Pisarv Technologies aims to revolutionize the classroom learning experience for kids across India with their revolutionary patent-pending product, Saral. Saral incorporates advanced EdTech technologies like 3D learning solutions, Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), taking the learning experience to new heights.
 Saral helps teachers guide students through a simple, innovative 3D visualization learning methodology. Kids can explore the magic of AI and AR-driven education, where everything they visualize looks realistic and learning becomes an engaging, storytelling experience that creates a lasting impact.


Makes Coding Fun for Kids Codean is a holistic delivery platform that enables the best coding classes for kids, helping schools implement the recommendations of NEP 2020. It’s a curriculum-based programming platform for classes 1-12, with modules on Programming, AI/ML, IoT, and Robotics.

  • Completely offline, no internet required
  • Comes with 350+ programming activities in Visual, C/C++, Python, AI/ML, IoT, and Robotics
  • Easy plug-and-play installation with classroom and computer lab modes
  • Computer teachers can become Codean experts in just 1 day

Technology Corner For Kids

Pisarv Technologies has created an immersive “Technology Corner for Kids” at Varanasi Airport in Uttar Pradesh. Here, young passengers can explore the wonders of robotics, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence through interactive exhibits like SARAL and EMO.
Kids can feel like they’re walking alongside virtual tigers, or dive into other 3D educational models, unlocking a world of fun and learning. This engaging space brings the future of edtech to life in a vibrant, hands-on setting.
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Kids can feel like they’re walking alongside virtual tigers, or dive into other 3D educational models, unlocking a world of fun and learning. This engaging space brings the future of edtech to life in a vibrant, hands-on setting.
Help us spread awareness and save lives by sharing Kawach with more people. Together, we can make our roads safer for all.
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Our Comprehensive Suite of EdTech Solutions

3D Visualization

Immersive 3D visualization brings learning to life, making complex concepts easy to grasp and fostering deeper understanding.

3D Animation

Captivating 3D animations create an engaging learning experience that resonates with students and leaves a lasting impact.

3D AR View

Blending the real and virtual worlds, our 3D AR solutions allow students to explore and interact with digital content in a immersive, hands-on way.

3D Models

With over 250 detailed 3D models, students can deeply engage with and learn about a wide range of subjects and concepts.

Video Recording

Our video recording capabilities allow students to document their learning process, review lessons, and share their work with teachers and peers.

Advanced Phonics

Our advanced phonics solutions take a fresh, engaging approach to teaching foundational reading skills, helping students build a strong literacy foundation.

Saral Eye-Test

Saral's groundbreaking Eye-Test feature is the world's first classroom-based eye diagnosis solution, ensuring the visual health of every student.

Live Student Photos

Innovative features like live student photo worksheets promote active engagement and personalized learning, keeping students motivated and involved.

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with any curriculum, ensuring a synergized learning experience that maximizes the impact on students.

Comprehensive Coding Curriculum


Dive into the world of robotics with our hands-on programming modules. Students learn to build and code their own robots, exploring the intersection of hardware and software.

Offline Programming

Our comprehensive coding curriculum is designed to be completely offline, ensuring accessibility and seamless integration into any classroom or lab environment.

Classroom and Computer Lab Modes

Flexibility is key – our coding platform offers both classroom and computer lab modes, adapting to the unique needs of different learning spaces.

Diverse Programming Languages

From Visual Programming to C, C++, and Python, our curriculum covers a wide range of coding languages, empowering students to become well-rounded programmers.

AI/ML Exploration

Students dive into the cutting-edge world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, gaining hands-on experience with these transformative technologies.

Hardware Programming

Our coding curriculum goes beyond just software – students also learn to program hardware, unlocking the full potential of technology.

Graded Curriculum

Designed to grow with students, our comprehensive coding curriculum spans from 1st to 12th grade, ensuring a seamless and progressive learning journey.

Pisarv's CSR Initiatives

Physical Distancing System (PDS)

Pisarv Technologies developed the innovative PDS, which was installed at Indore Airport in May 2021 during the peak of COVID-19. The system detects when individuals are not maintaining a 3-meter distance and triggers an alarm to remind them to “Keep Distance – Stay Safe”.

Empowering Education Through Newsroom

Pisarv’s newsroom showcases their continuous efforts to empower the Indian education system through their cutting-edge technology solutions. It is a true reflection of their commitment to transforming learning experiences nationwide.

Testimonials and Contact

Don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from the educators and students who have experienced the transformative power of our EdTech solutions. Their testimonials highlight the real-world impact we’ve had in classrooms across India.

Ready to take your school or district’s learning experience to new heights? Contact us today to learn how our comprehensive suite of EdTech products and services can revolutionize education in your community. Our team is here to listen and craft a customized solution that meets your unique needs.