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Best Offline Coding Classes for Kids: Explore Now!

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When the covid-19 pandemic forced schools to close their doors, it gave way to digital classes. With this sudden shift to remote learning, schools did their best to make education interesting for kids. However, what lacked was an interactive platform that could help kids academically, personally, and eventually professionally. CoDeAn by Pisarv Technologies is India’s only offline coding platform for schools that will equip your child with essential life skills, socialisation, and education.

CoDeAn is a simple, interactive and easy-to-use coding graded curriculum for schools that helps students construct interactive tales and animated scenes using colour-coded bricks. The curriculum is developed to cater to the needs of students from class first to twelfth. Students from senior classes can use the tool to create HTML scripts for a webpage or a simple game using Python. CoDeAn also supports other major programming languages, including Visual Programming (Block-based programming), C, and C++.

If you’re thinking, ‘Why coding at such a young age?’ Well, coding is a twenty-first century’s language that increases a child’s creativity, enhances their problem-solving ability, and promotes innovation. Even at an early age, a child can use their coding talent to create online video games, animated pictures, and websites. This logical programming tool will help your kid invest their time and energy in building their imaginary avatar rather than just consuming digital media. Even their analytical skills will develop with the time they’ll spend on coding.

CoDeAn has a range of computing activities to tickle your child’s imagination and challenge their creativity to design something better to enable efficient coding learning. Being India’s first offline coding platform, many schools across India and Nepal have leveraged this logical programming tool to educate kids from different grades. The CoDeAn kit comes with a CoDeAn device, router, 5 Wi-Fi adapters, hardware activity accessories, cables, and a user manual. You can use the device in a computer lab or a classroom at your convenience. It connects automatically to 5-10 computers, making offline coding accessible for practical sessions in a lab. You can also connect it to a projector, television, monitor, smartboard and any other standard display medium for interactive learning in a classroom.