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Durgesh Shukla, Co-Founder Pisarv Technologies In Conversation with Great Companies

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Durgesh Shukla, the co-founder of Pisarv Technologies, highlighted the company’s concept and digital learning options for students in an interview with Great Companies.

When asked, “how did you come up with the business’s idea or concept?”. He answered; visualization is critical in the learning process. When we visualize something, we keep it for a longer length of time. However, there’s no such thing that could be more realistic for children.

For instance, we cannot bring a Lion into a classroom; we can only educate students about it via toys, photos, and movies. And this is how SARAL came into existence. With Saral, we can create an immersive classroom environment where children feel the creature/model is walking beside them realistically.

Durgesh cited COVID-19 as one of the major challenges in business growth. It is because its main clientele is the business-to-business organizations i.e. schools. The bulk of schools have closed for offline education in the last 18 months because of covid-19. However, he believes the situation is now improving.

On product development, he stated that Pisarv has always prioritized innovation, simplicity of use, and commitment to building long-lasting products.

SARAL is a patented product. Durgesh also revealed that all the products have a 0% learning curve, eliminating the need for teachers to take lengthy training before utilizing them. While most EdTech companies are subscription-based, digital learning products of Pisarv are one-time purchases; hence, offering more cost-efficiency.

Pisarv Technologies is an Indore-based company that has developed “SARAL”, a 3D augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence-based classroom learning tool that offers an immersive classroom experience.

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