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Pisarv Technologies CTO, Abhisek Mishra, in Conversation with StartupLanes

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In an exclusive interview with StartupLanes, Abhisek Mishra, Founder and CTO of Pisarv Technologies shed light on the idea behind the inception of the company and digital learning solutions for students.

He talked extensively about Pisarv’s digital learning products including patent-applied SARAL, CoDeAn, and PDS. All the products leverage new-age technologies including augmented reality (AR) and 3D to enable more immersive and effective. He also revealed that there are other products in the pipeline that will be launched soon.

When asked about what differentiates Pisarv from other EdTech firms; Abhisek said that focus on innovation, ease of usage, and product for life are some of the key differentiating factors. All the products have zero learning curve and are offered with a one-time purchase with lifetime access.

Pisarv is currently operating in over 75 cities across 15 states in India alone. It also has a solid presence in Nepal and Zambia (Africa). The CTO of Pisarv revealed that in the next 5 years, the company will focus aggressively on expanding globally by creating a robust network of channel partners. Apart from EdTech, the company also plans to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

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