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Technology In
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3D Visualisation | Coding | Robotics | Drones
3D Visualisation | Coding | Robotics | Drones
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Our products are installed in 500+ schools in India and 4 other nations. spreading joy of learning by making learning interactive and fun.

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We live in 3D why not teach & learn in 3D
Pisarv Technologies aims to revolutionize the classroom learning experience for kids across India, through our revolutionary patent-applied product Saral which incorporates advanced edtech classroom product technologies including 3d learning solutions, AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). It takes the classroom learning experience to a different level altogether.
Saral helps teachers to guide students through simple 3D visualization learning methodology with an innovative approach. It’s time to explore the magic of AI and Augmented Reality driven education for kids. Everything that kids visualize through Saral looks realistic and converts learning mechanisms into storytelling which creates a long-lasting impact on every kid.
Patent application number: 202021042239

3D Visualisation

immersive way to make learning interesting

3D Animation

Animation that creates impact

3D AR View

Bringing real and virtual world together

3D Models

250+ models to submerge with the reality

Synced Curriculum

compendium with can sync with any curriculum

Video Recording

Record and play whenever you want

Advance Phonics

An innovative way of phonics


To improve the writing skills

Saral Eye-Test

World's first classroom eye diagnosis feature

Live Student's Photo Worksheets


Makes Coding Fun for Kids
Based on market research conducted by Pisarv Technologies, 8/10 schools including private and government schools lack the availability of a holistic delivery platform to accommodate and teach coding to students in a practical oriented approach.
Codean is a holistic delivery platform that enables the best coding classes for kids and will help schools implement the recommendations of NEP 2020 for schools and other initiatives.
A curriculum based programming platform for classes 1st to 12th enabled with Programming, AI/ML, iOT and Robotics modules.
No Internet required, completely Offline, Comes with carefully chosen activities for each class to develop problem solving and analytical thinking skills in students.
Comes with more than 350 programming activities that includes – Visual Programming, C/C++, Python, AI/ML, iOT and Robotics. Easy installation, comes as a plug-n-play device.
Comes with 2 installation modes – classroom and computer lab. Computer teachers can become CODEAN platform experts in just 1 day.


Offline Programming

Classroom And Computer Lab Modes

Visual Programming




AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning)

Hardware Programming

Graded Curriculum From Class 1st to 12th

Technology Corner For Kids

Technology corner for kids is a product that Pisarv Technologies has developed for Airports where child passengers can spend their time and learn about different topics via our Robotics, Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence-based product SARAL & EMO. The kids will learn robotics, With Saral they will feel that the creatures like tigers are walking next to them. They can learn each and every fact of it with an immersive experience like never before. Not only creatures there are various other 3D models for fun and learning. Technology Corner for kids is established at Varanasi Airport in Uttar Pradesh.

Drone Nabhrakshak

Nabhrakshak is a versatile drone that is revolutionising industries around the world. From education to agriculture, defence to beyond, Nabhrakshak can handle any task. Its advanced technology and intuitive design make it the perfect tool for any job. With its precise sensors and ability to cover large areas quickly, Nabhrakshak is helping farmers monitor their crops and make informed decisions. In defence, Nabhrakshak’s stealthy design and advanced sensors make it a valuable asset for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. And with its versatility and adaptability, Nabhrakshak is ready to tackle any challenge, from search and rescue to disaster response. Experience the power of Nabhrakshak today.


Proud to share “Kawach” – An innovation to save millions of lives.
Until you wear a helmet, your two wheeler won’t start. Please help us in saving people’s lives by sharing it further with other people’s.

Our CSR Initiative

Pisarv Technologies invented physical distancing system, PDS was installed at Indore Airport in May 2021 at the peak of Covid 19. PDS detects if two indivuals are not at a 3 meters distance, The alarm gets triggered says “Keep Distance – Stay Safe”

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