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Transforming Classroom Education With Technology Based Learning Solutions

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The past year, we saw that learning isn’t limited to educational settings; technological advancement gave way to e-learning. With this shift, now even teachers are embracing new technological tools as new learning approaches and preferences. With the schools getting back to normal, technology-based learning solutions supplement older teaching traditions, allowing teachers and students to become better equipped for essential 21-st century skills.

To enhance the classroom learning experience for kindergarteners, Pisarv Technologies has come up with a world-class patent-applied product SARAL (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning). SARAL uses advanced technology, including Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, to create an interactive environment and increase student engagement. Their other product CoDeAn is India’s only offline coding platform that prepares children for later success across all academic disciplines. CoDeAn supports all major programming languages, such as HTML, Visual Programming (Block-based programming), C, and C++. Pisarv Technologies has a thriving presence across 250+ schools in India, and they have recently expanded their educational products for schools in Nepal. Company has noticed phenomenal growth in sales enquires over last three months. According to their sales report “Pisarv has received 45% of product enquires within last quarter; which shows how schools across India are proactively thinking to implement such educational products and give education a realistic touch.”

The thoughtful use of technology in schools can help children develop key skills such as self-expression, socialisation, and computational thinking. Younger kids are naturally curious, and technology-based learning solutions like SARAL can help them facilitate personalised learning. Visual understanding and communication involved around SARAL will also help them with competency development. Some of the products core features include Advance Phonics, Video Recording, 3D Visualisation, 3D Animation, and 3D AR View of animals, birds, and sea creatures. It also has SARAL eye-test, a module to check kids’ eyesight in the classroom, which is done in less than 5 minutes.

Their other product, CoDeAn is an interactive and straightforward offline coding platform for students from class first to twelfth with graded curriculum. Which means everything is built-in and you don’t need anything additional. The students can construct interactive tales and animated scenes using colour-coded bricks and create HTML scripts for a webpage. The tool builds necessary skills to help children succeed in the careers of the future. It also facilitates personalised learning, increases a child’s creativity, promotes innovation, and enhances their problem-solving ability.

Thanks to technology, you can take learning wherever you go. Pisarv Technologies’ tools’ can be used in a classroom or a computer laboratory, giving you easy and convenient access to information. This EdTech product company in India is expanding at a swift pace, covering more schools within India and the European and African markets. It is helping teachers and students acquire new skills by incorporating technology to advance their competencies. While the increasing number of tools and technologies might seem overwhelming to some, it is the future of schools and classrooms that’s going to shape your child’s future as well.