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Augmented Reality And Today’s World

Let me first familiarise you with what augmented reality is. It is a creative and innovative technology that enables us to represent every real-world object virtually. Augmented reality has touched every field till now but the way it’s revolutionizing the education field is remarkable. 

It is a very well-known fact that a person can learn better with practical experience and visual intake. And this is what Augmented Reality does. Augmented reality boosts the visual intake among learners. It has many other benefits let’s see them in detail:

  1. Up-to-date educational material for learners.
  2. Equipment specific, making traditional learning better.
  3. Not geographically bound.
  4. With a higher number of active learners across the globe.
  5. Advance learning with the flexibility of time.  

The only drawback with augmented reality is the availability of hardware and strong internet connectivity. The lack of an experienced teacher is making us not have a strong hold on its outstanding features. 

The actual capacity of this Augmented reality in the educational field is so versatile. One of the most interactive modes of education creates better remembering capacity of memory among learners.  Augmented Reality learning with SARAL has made practical learning easily accessible. In the fields of science and medicine, it has worked remarkably. During the covid, AR worked as a savior for the learner providing quality education.  The possibilities are unlimited and AR can be used. In every aspect of life working expanded and creates more and more opportunities.

Developing an environment for AR : 

We need to build a strong and connected environment to assemble  AR so that we can use it to its full potential. The lack of hardware availability is not letting us see the optimum support AR can provide. The better connected the environment for AR,  the more possibilities it creates. So by now, we are clear about what is AR, its advantages and disadvantages, How to overcome its disadvantage, and how to reach its full stretch to gain more opportunities. The speed at which Augmented Reality is growing its root in the educational, as well as other fields, will make learning limitless.

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