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CoDeAn is Now Equipped with Various Technology-Driven Learning Opportunities


Nowadays technology is on the rise and it has been this way for a while now, so much so that coding is taking over the entire world. As the backbone of all technology, coding has stepped its game even more because there is not one thing you can create without being able to write code properly and well.

CoDeAn Learning Solutions has now been equipped with various technology-driven learning opportunities that are infused with artificial intelligence. The learning curriculum is based on the evaluation of the assets of the organisation and the needs analysis of the skills of the aspirants. Our team is working hard to develop an inclusive and inclusive learning platform to help the industry and professionals grow and upgrade themselves in the digital age.

It is an educational platform that helps students learn programming languages in a fun and interactive way. Also, it helps teachers to teach the material in an innovative manner with various technology-driven learning such as Python learning, Real-world AI/Machine, Face detection, Mood recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Object recognition and many more.

CoDeAn is a complete classroom creative computing platform that fosters kids’ creativity and provides the tools to learn computational thinking. The Pisarv team has already helped over 10 million children around the world discover how to code, build AI projects, and more.

Lastly, the benefits, since this is the biggie:

  • Coding is an excellent way to foster creativity.
  • It is also a promising career.
  • Kids are helped to build resilience at such an early age.
  • It can be considered the new literacy.
  • It helps kids to develop computational skills.
  • Kids can use coding to acquire many other skills in addition to their computational skills, such as thinking and problem-solving.


CoDeAn has been enhanced with a series of new technologies that will help to make our students’ learning experience even more interactive! From increased audio and visual support to computer-enabled scientific calculators, CoDeAn is now equipped with various technology-driven learning opportunities that will help to make lessons more hands-on and engaging.

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