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How and Why EdTech is the New Growth Catalyst of Indian Education Industry

How and Why EdTech is the New Growth Catalyst of Indian Education Industry

While many industries struggled during the COVID-19, EdTech companies thrived during the same period. As classroom education moved to the virtual world, teachers, students, and parents adapted to the new educational technologies to reap the maximum benefits. The growth of EdTech during the pandemic has been strongest than ever before. The EdTech companies in India have received at least $16.1B in VC funding, which is 32 times more than $500M received in 2010.

The immense growth of EdTech forced all the EdTech Product Companies In India to come up with competitive products to ensure that teachers, students, and administrators get all the necessary tools to transition to a new way of learning. Many people still have their doubts, though – will the education technology survive past the pandemic? The COVID-19 has been a catalyst for EdTech within India, but all it did was to give a boost to an already thriving industry. And to answer the question, as long as technology is advancing, EdTech companies will find out ways to educate learners.

How Will Learners Gain from EdTech?

EdTech has closed the geographical barriers by giving educators and students unparalleled access to study material across the globe. And educators understand that digital adoption is the way forward to move from a traditional classroom setup to a virtual world. However, EdTech does support in-class activities and study modules, so that the students and teachers can gain benefits from both teaching styles.

Pisarv Technologies is one such EdTech product company in India that makes learning fun for kids in the comforts of their classrooms. The company uses Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to bring the most advanced and realistic 3D visualization tools to the classrooms. Some of their popular educational products for schools include SARAL (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning) and CoDeAn which are changing the way students learn.

Are Virtual Classrooms Cost-Effective?

When comparing online education with the traditional classroom, the former is far more affordable and accessible than the latter. Students have access to the complete course on a single platform, which makes it easier to access it from anywhere and at any time. Also, the online classes have a smaller student count than the conventional classrooms, making them more interactive.

Does EdTech enable customization?

All the major EdTech platforms are powered by AI thus, customizing the study modules as per each student’s needs. The students can control various aspects of their course, like speed adjustment, iteration control, etc. This makes learning simple while enhancing their subject expertise with the help of Augmented Reality for the Classroom products.

EdTech companies in India are focussing on offering better technological and innovative products to enable participative and interactive learning in a classroom. Pisarv Technologies is also committed to creating innovative products that make virtual learning accessible and affordable to all.