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How is Technology in the Classroom Bridging the Gap?

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Time has changed, and so have people. That’s why you can’t apply the same educational strategies now that worked two decades ago. Today, education employs advanced technology and models to meet the requirements of digital students. Since online learning is more of a thing these days, technology attempts to bring in new features to help remote students complete their studies. Here is how technology has a huge role to play when it comes to education:

How Does Technology Help Remote Students?

Technology helps bring the students and teachers together through virtualization. For example, a student has missed her class due to sickness or bad weather. But if the teacher is taking the class on a real-world museum tour, he can connect with the absent student through video calls. And he can explain the details within the museum the same way as he would teach his other students. Technology helps bridge the barrier between the physical and virtual worlds.

Prepares Students for the Real World

Knowledge alone is not enough to create a successful professional career in any field. That’s why with the help of technological tools such as whiteboards, web pages, e-calendars, etc. have become handier than ever. By providing these technologies into regular institutions, students are gaining knowledge and experiences for the real modern world that would help with their career perspectives.

Creates Collaboration

There are various educational tools available online that help students and students and teachers collaborate with each other for a better learning experience. For instance, Google Drive helps you edit and upload projects and share them with other different Google users for virtual collaborations. Likewise, Skype offers virtual meeting facilities to the users for creating a better online study experience.

Compatible with Different Kinds of Learners

Technology offers various kinds of learning methods for various kinds of students. Various educational applications evaluate students’ learning strategies and create various teaching styles to suit their requirements and needs. They allow different instructors to engage with different kinds of students regardless of their geographical locations.

Helps Students to Access Educational Resources

Students can easily access information online, and that information is mostly accurate and provides quick solutions to their learning problems. For example, ebooks are available, and that can replace real books, but students can also search study information online on Google search engines.

Improves Creativity

Online study can be more fun than offline study because there are various interactive games available online that you might not find in offline classrooms. If you are already a die-hard gamer, then you would love to play and study at the same time. Also, online apps offer various animations and learning strategies that are fun to use with your classmates and instructors.

Pisarv Technologies is Bridging the Gap!

As technology is elevating the education sector, industry leaders like Pisarv Technologies are setting up an all new standard with products like SARAL and CoDeAn.


SARAL or Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning is designed for kids by one of the popular EdTech Product Companies In India, Pisarv Technologies. SARAL is a 3D learning tool for the classroom that creates a whole new level of study experience for the students. This means offline learning is not boring anymore as Augmented Reality for Classroom products are already here. SARAL creates a storytelling instrument to create a long-lasting learning experience for every kid. 

The logical programming tool for kids includes features like animations, 3D visualization, video recording, etc., to boost the imagination of young children. So, the whole reason for creating SARAL was to bring out-of-the-box technologies to the Indian students. 


CoDeAn is a logical programming tool for kids, and it helps in making learning more fun and adventurous. Kids are energetic by nature, but simple studies can bore them out easily. One way to overcome this boredom is to add some creativity to it so that it encourages young minds to learn more. CoDeAn is made by Pisarv Technology, one of the EdTech Product Companies In India. Pisarv created this computing platform for the classroom for an offline yet fun learning experience. 

CoDeAn includes a coding computing platform and multiple creative activities for students from class 1 to 12th so that your child’s imagination improves and gets better with time. 

Overall, technology prompts education if it is used rightly. It can help students practice, improve their communication skills and students can learn how to be responsible with their education. In the end, this creates a better and easier world for both learners and teachers.