You are currently viewing Pisarv Technology Unveils Nabhrakshak: India’s Pioneering AI Drone Redefining Disaster Relief
Drone Nabhrakshak By Pisarv

Pisarv Technology Unveils Nabhrakshak: India’s Pioneering AI Drone Redefining Disaster Relief


In a groundbreaking leap towards innovation, Pisarv Technology has unveiled Drone Nabhrakshak, India’s pioneering AI drone, and the world’s first AI-enabled drone specifically designed for disaster relief, with a primary focus on forest surveillance. Our drone is set to revolutionize the landscape of emergency response with its cutting-edge features and advanced capabilities.

Redefining Disaster Relief

Disaster situations, particularly in densely forested regions, demand swift and efficient responses. Traditional methods often fall short in providing timely information and aid. Recognizing this, Pisarv Technology has engineered Nabhrakshak to be a game-changer in disaster relief efforts, combining artificial intelligence with drone technology to offer unprecedented capabilities.

Key Features of Nabhrakshak

  • Maximum Speed and Lightweight Design:

With a maximum speed of 150 km/h, Nabhrakshak can swiftly navigate through challenging terrains. Weighing a mere 1.2 kg, its lightweight design enhances its agility and maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for rapid response operations.

  • HD Camera with 1080p Resolution:

Equipped with a high-definition camera, it captures clear and detailed images in real time. The 1080p resolution ensures that responders have access to crucial visual data, enabling them to make informed decisions during emergencies.

  • Flight Height and Range:

It operates at a flight height of 2000 feet, offering a comprehensive view of the disaster-stricken area. With an impressive range of 21 km, it can cover vast expanses, providing vital information to disaster response teams.

  • Flight Time:

The drone boasts a flight time of 20 minutes, maximizing its operational efficiency. This allows for extended surveillance and data collection periods, crucial for disaster management and relief coordination.

  • AI-Based Fire Sensor and Smoke Detection:

It innovative AI-based fire sensor and smoke detection capabilities set it apart. Using advanced algorithms, the drone can identify potential fire outbreaks in their early stages, allowing for proactive measures to be taken before the situation escalates.

  • Forest Surveillance and Beyond

Our drone design is particularly tailored to address challenges in forest surveillance. Its ability to cover vast areas quickly and provide real-time data makes it an invaluable tool for monitoring and preventing forest fires. The integration of AI-based fire and smoke sensors enhances its effectiveness in detecting and responding to potential threats before they become uncontrollable.

Beyond forest surveillance, our drone applications extend to various disaster scenarios, including floods, earthquakes, and man-made disasters. Its versatility makes it an essential asset for emergency response teams across different domains.

Pisarv Technology’s Commitment to Innovation

Pisarv Technology’s drones exemplify the company’s commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good, by combining artificial intelligence with drone capabilities. We created a tool that not only enhances disaster response but also contributes to the broader mission of safeguarding lives and property.


Drone Nabhrakshak by Pisarv is not just a drone, it’s a symbol of innovation, a beacon of hope in times of crisis. Pisarv Technology’s relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in a groundbreaking solution that has the potential to redefine the landscape of disaster relief as it carries with it the promise of a safer, more resilient future for communities facing the unpredictable forces of nature. Our AI-enabled drone is poised to make a lasting impact, demonstrating the power of technology in protecting and preserving lives.


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