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The Best Robotics Platforms for Beginners

A robot is not only fun to play with, but it can introduce kids to more learning and help them become more interested in science, robotics, technology, and other subjects. Kids these days are lucky to have access to a wide variety of toys and educational materials.

Most of the robot kits such as STEM, Scratch, Arduino, and Blockly. 

Arduino: An open-source hardware and software platforms, it consists of boards that read inputs and convert data into outputs. These data are managed through the Arduino programming language and Arduino-based software. 

Scratch: A programming language designed for kids age 8 to 16. It’s separate from Arduino but still widely used in schools for creating games, programming robots, designing animations, and many more.

Blockly: Another programming language for kids, Blockly relies on blocks of code that can be strung together to create a program. Blockly is the simpler programming language.

Stem: This acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is designed to encourage student interaction with real-world programs, as well as provide experimental learning activities that push students to investigate, understand, and create solutions.

There are some top rated Robots in the market.

Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0 looks simple enough. It is a robot that is connected to a smartphone app for some remote control fun.  The ball changes colors and can go as fast as five miles per hour. To control the ball, you need to download the Sphero app onto your iOS or Android device.  At its most basic, the Sphero ball works very much like a remote control car.

4M Tin Can Robot

The Kit turns any soda can into a walking robot and teaches kids about mechanical learning. This kit includes four body rings, two gripper hands, two straw attachments, a short and long leg, the toy motor, bolts and nuts, screws, terminal caps, battery casing, a pair googly eyes, plastic feet, axle cover, a body plate, bendy straws, metal wires, and eye base plates.

WowWee MiP Robot

The WowWee MiP Robot is probably what you have in mind when you think about robot toys. The robot moves around with a pair of rubber wheels and which aims to be your friend with its interactive games and audio recordings. The WowWee MiP Robot looks like a humanoid with a slim robotic appearance and a spherical head like R2D2.


Romibo is soft and fuzzy, like a moving and talking stuffed toy.  In fact, it is used as therapy robots for children with autism. Romibo weighs less than seven pounds and moves using two wheels. It has a small screen up front and this screen displays two eyes that can follow the user around. Romibo talks and you can control it using a mobile app that you can download onto your iPad.


Vortex would probably fit most of the grown-up idea of what a home robot would look like. Vortex looks like a robot vacuum but it does not clean the rooms in your house. The eyes in it use LEDs in 12 colors and there is also an onboard speaker. Vortex also has a pair of proximity sensors and can follow markings or lines you draw on the ground.

Best Solution for Robotic Knowledge: Pisarv Technologies

Pisarv Technologies is a result of entrepreneurial instincts backed by technological minds. Pisarv Technologies vision and mission is to use the most advanced, cutting technology to invent products that are simply awesome. Pisarv Technologies provides curriculum based programming platform for classes 1st to 12th enabled with Programming, AI/ML, iOT and Robotics modules. Comes with more than 350 programming activities that includes – Visual Programming, C/C++, Python, AI/ML, iOT and Robotics. Computer teachers can become CODEAN platform experts in just 1 day, with a very basic training program. CODEAN can be installed even in village-level schools, where there is no internet facility. Easy installation comes as a plug-n-play device. Pisarv Technologies aims to revolutionize the classroom learning experience for kids across India, through our revolutionary patent applied product Saral which is incorporate advanced technologies including AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We ensure that technology makes education simpler, easier to comprehend and unique enough to have a lost lasting impact on students.



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