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EdTech and the Indian Education Industry

The last two year shook the traditional aspect of the education system to its roots ! The digital platform came to the rescue of the educational system with  the help of Edtech. It  assisted the transformation of the traditional education system to the digital mode for sustained functioning.

This is how Edtech became a vital element in the education system. The growth was spontaneous in every educational field but higher education and skill development departments topped the charts. The funding doubled and still the education industry is believed to outgrow all the previous records in the upcoming year. The pandemic seems to have created a digital mode of education as an evergreen platform now. One adapting to it seems to achieve the highest level of success.

EdTech for the learners-

The learners are covering the maps of the model world by overcoming geographical limits and climbing the stairs of technology, along with their respective educational choices. This is making them a better candidate to survive in the digital world of today. As the digital learning platform is evolving , it is covering all the aspects of the traditional classroom . Leaving no benefits of the traditional classroom such as teacher-student interaction, group learning and with the parallel benefits of AI and VR education.

Students are becoming more diverse and skilled; they no longer are dragged by the financial aspects of education systems. The flexibility and the accessibility of education since the boom of Edtech  is attracting more and more students to the vast sea of knowledge.

Government is taking a major initiative to strengthen technology based education by introducing apps like SWAYAM ( skill developing ), Diksha, e-pathshala, etc. Similarly, Pisarv being one of Top EdTech companies in India has made significant impact with a range of products like SARAL, CoDeAn and Mokato.

Outcome of the EdTech boom!

The weak digital infrastructure and the affordability of internet and digital gadgets is a major problem but many EdTech startups and companies are overcoming the major fault by innovative ideas and technological development. These companies provide immense support to the digital mode of education creating a better future for themselves and the learner.

Overall the pace of growth is rapid and constructive and it seems it will reach new heights of development for everyone , promising a better future to the world.

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