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If your kids are eager to learn how to build websites, make mobile apps, or …

These days technology drives our daily needs like the use of smartphones, smart televisions, microwave, …

Introduction With conventional school methods, learning can be frustrating and complicated for your child. Parents …

Augmented reality has touched every field till now but the way it's revolutionizing the education field is remarkable. 

Coding is a great way for kids to start learning how to think. With coding, they can learn on their own.

A meaningful connection between educators, students, and technology has never been more critical as it is now as we face the current climate of education.

Edtech became a vital element in the education system. The growth was spontaneous in every educational field but higher education and skill development departments topped the charts.

CoDeAn Learning Solutions has now been equipped with various technology-driven learning opportunities that are infused with artificial intelligence.

Smart classrooms are technology-enhanced learning spaces that improve the way teaching and learning take place.