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Coding is the future of technology. No matter what you want to do, be it a career in technology or anything else, programming is a skill that you will need to have.

EdTech has closed the geographical barriers by giving educators and students unparalleled access to study material across the globe.

EdTech startups have revolutionized the education system, and what’s great is that it goes beyond K-12 classroom engagement tools

Luckily, there is a way to teach problem-solving skills to your kids so that they can boost their confidence at such a young age. Coding is the key.

Education technology is definitely the future of education. New technologies are being developed for classroom use.

Today, education employs advanced technology and models to meet the requirements of digital students.

With the advent of technology, teaching has become easier and more creative using different tools.

Academic success is perhaps one of the most important out of those aspects.

EdTech companies being instrumental, the education sector is experiencing a revolution worldwide.